T-ravill (Travis Wilt) is a new upcoming artist out of central Pennsylvania. He has very heart hitting lyrics, to a rapid freestyle that no other could compare.

T-ravill was born November 15,1992. Without the love of parents, T-ravill found love with helping others. It's hard to tell what someone has been through, but never judge a book by its cover. T-ravill has been on Copious radio stations, multiple magazines, performed around the east coast and looking to "blow" open the industry. With emotional music, to aggressive instrumental; T-ravill is a brand new sound the people love to hear! Lyrics touch subjects from addiction, free speech, rape, love and most overcoming obstacles that life has to hand us.

Musical influences are Jarren Benton, Cryptic Wisdom, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Stevie Stone, Eminem, and Sum 41.

Check out T-ravill on Spotify, iTunes and all your major online sites!

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